Industry Enabling Solutions for Print & Packaging Businesses

eProductivity Software Enterprise Industry Applications are designed to meet your unique print and packaging needs while seamlessly integrating with your organization’s existing technology- regardless of what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution you use. We help customers accelerate expansion opportunities by enabling organization-wide consistency, visibility, and control. Our industry enabling applications allow you to win more business, increase capacity, and improve efficiencies by optimizing your operations by:

  • Driving profitability with intelligent job estimating and planning that ensures faster and more accurate quotes
  • Increasing capacity, throughput, and on-time delivery by optimizing job sequencing and synchronizing based on available resources
  • Reach peak productivity through real-time data collection that enables effective production management

Intelligent Open Technology Software Purpose-Built for Print & Packaging

Certified End-to-End Workflows That Empower

Packaging and print organizations need tools that enable them to quickly and easily do business while reducing costs and complexities. It all starts with smart estimating and production planning software that automates the process of charting the best production path through your plant to maximize profitability. Imagine a system that thinks about the products you produce the way your buyers do—one that can quickly assess and process millions of possible production combinations on your equipment and produces jobs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Optimized, rules-based scheduling using real-time production data has a profound impact on high-volume print and packaging manufacturing environments. When a factory is functioning optimally, the improvements in efficiency and profits are exponential. Real-time data collection ensures accurate updates to the schedule, optimization of equipment and personnel, and provides the ability to quickly and easily capture data to compare the estimate, plan, and actual costs of any job.

With over thirty-years of experience, utilizing thousands of pieces of equipment across the printing and packaging industries, eProductivity Software has an extensive understanding of workflow and production built for your business needs.

Enterprise Industry Applications Capabilities

Enterprise Industry Applications

When you use eProductivity Software solutions for estimating, scheduling, and data collection, you know your business is being managed efficiently and profitably. Many print, direct mail, and packaging companies struggle with complex manufacturing processes, multi-functional equipment, product traceability, and unique job characteristics that can be solved with eProductivity Software solutions.

Smart Estimating

iQuote® is smart software that automates the process of picking the best path for a job through your plant. It processes thousands of pieces of information for each job, including a careful look at virtually every piece of equipment and capability you have, capturing your best practices, giving each estimator the ability to perform at the highest level, regardless of experience.

Dynamic Scheduling

The eProductivity Software PrintFlow® scheduling and resources optimization solution improves job sequencing and synchronizes production as it considers thousands of constraints. PrintFlow’s holistic, rules-based approach to scheduling allows you to handle more work in the most profitable way possible.

Shop Floor Production Intelligence

With real-time production visibility, Auto-Count 4D® automatically collects accurate, up-to-the-minute production data, including counts, press status, speed, and other critical information directly from your equipment. When you collect accurate production data, you can make informed strategic business decisions that improve workflow and production capabilities.

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